Puro - Architectural Windows

Energy-saving Wooden-Aluminium Windows.

triple glazed windows

PURO – wooden-aluminum windows with modern form. These windows combine a number of features that guide the customers while choosing window frames.

PURO windows made ​​in a modern style perfectly complement the elevation view in both residential buildings and also hotels or offices . In turn, inside of the building they create a pleasant climate.

The wood-aluminum windows are a combination of two frames - wood and aluminum. PURO is an innovative line of windows characterized by a flat shape of aluminum profiles, making the window similar to the solutions used in the construction of the facades. The design of the windows is created by a modern rectangular shape of aluminum profiles in flat version . With such a design in a single product can reconcile the expectations of both in relation to the appearance (excellent fit to the facade, or configuration to other windows in multi-family housing), with the possibility to provide an elegant and cozy interior.

PURO window is characterized by a straight line of aluminum profiles - this is a very stylish and also modern design for customers who value innovative solutions . The shape of the wooden profiles deserves special attention. Straight lines and sharp shapes, in the spirit of minimalist design, highlight the strong and pioneering nature of PURO windows .

PURO window structure is a combination of a wooden 65 mm deep frame with a with aluminum clad. The problem of fitting the glass unit was resolved in interesting way. From the outside, it is protected by an aluminum profile with additional sealing . This solution allows to protect the wooden frame of the window from the adverse effects of weather conditions.

PURO Compact and solid PURO construction allowed to obtain very good thermal insulation coefficient (glass - Ug = 0.5 ( W/m2K), for the whole window Uw - 0.9 ( W/m2K) . It is glazed with standard triple glazed unit 4/18/4/18/4 with two Low-E layers and with warm spacer bar. Original shape of the wooden frame allows to use glass units with features that perfectly meet the expectations of customers such as safety glass, anti-theft, acoustic or self-cleaning, while at the same time it does not reduce the thermal parameters .

Wooden frames are made of high quality laminated timber. The customer can decide to purchase pine, oak or meranti window, lacquered with ecological water soluble transparent paints (so-called stains that highlight the natural grain of the wood, or opaque paints– choice from the full range of RAL palette).

Whole construction is complemented by extremely durable and functional Sigenia hardware from Titanium AF series. In the summary PURO windows combine the durability of aluminum with the warmth and elegance of wood. By purchasing these windows, the client receives a product that is functional, safe and elegant. PURO Line fully deserves to be called an exclusive product, perfectly executed with extraordinary performance properties .



Low-emission panes

The low emission glass decreases the temperature of the inside pane, which makes the room warm even at low outdoor temperatures.

The heat transfer coefficient for such glazing unit is Us=0,6 W/m2K


Absorptive panes

Antisol - decrease effects of sunrays, while providing splendid thermal insulation. They are recommended to be installed on southern and south-western facades of buildings.


Antiburglar panes

The anti-burglar panes are used when special protection of life, health or property is required. The external pane consists of two glued panels, between which several layers of antiburglar foil are placed.


Safety panes

They prevent injuries in the case of breaking the pane. They are characterized by increased impact strength. They are recommended to be used in sports halls, offices, commercial facilities, public buildings.


Sound absorbing panes

Sound insulation is ability to muffle noise. Increased sound absorbing power means muffling of noise by at least 38 dB. Windows equipped with glazing units with increased sound insulation are recommended for buildings situated near roads, airports, railway tracks, etc.


Reflexive panes

Reflexive (mirror) panes decrease effects of sunrays, and the mirroring effect protects privacy of the inhabitants.


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