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Aluminium Clad windows combine the benefits of a maintenance free external surface together with the beauty of the finished engineered timber internally. These two materials are brought together in perfect synergy achieving a highly sophisticated product. This Aluminium Clad window system is especially beneficial in extreme weather conditions. Exposed areas at high altitudes and coastal locations experience much harsher weather and therefore would benefit from such a window. Marconi system, which is a tilt & turn inward opening window, dedicated mostly to clients in Continental Europe. Marconi can also be offered with triple glazing. These units achieve a centre pane ā€˜uā€™ value of 0.6W/m2K, offering substantially lower emission values.

Overall U-value:
1.2 W/m2K (triple glazed units)
Acoustic value:
34-42 dB (depending on the glazing unit)
Water-tightness class:
Class 5A
Class of air permeability:
Class 3
Resistance to wind load:
Class C2