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Cor Vision Plus sliding

Minimalist sliding system especially suitable for large dimensions (until 4.000 mm/sash of width or height). Possible to cover great openings with a glass surface of 94%. Visible section of just 25 mm. Outstanding thermal and acoustic performance. It comes with the possibility of motorized opening for weights up to 700 kg, and manual opening for up to 400 kg. Additionally, it allows to place multipoint lock systems by operating rod, with or without key. The rollers are placed in the frame, and the sashes count with a stainless steel reinforced rolling area which makes the sliding movement smoother. Possibility of corner sash encounters at 90ยบ without needing a mullion. The motorized version allows to completely hide the sash within the frame in closing position.

Overall U-value:
0,9 W/m2K
Acoustic value:
43 dB
Water-tightness class:
Class 7A* / 9A*
Class of air permeability:
Class 4
Resistance to wind load:
Class C3* / C4**