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Euro wooden windows

Euro wooden windows
Euro wooden windows
Euro wooden windows

The windows have a straight, geometric shape and slender lines. The unusual way of opening to the outside guarantees more than just extraordinary tightness. It also allows for free arrangement of space around the window, as the sashes do not take up space inside. This type of window can be a great solution in any country. The product can be installed in houses located in areas exposed to strong winds, such as mountains, coastlines and open spaces.

Euro Alu wooden windows are also available with an external aluminium cladding - Euro Alu.

Overall U-value:
1,34 W/m2K
Acoustic value:
32 - 40 dB (depending on the glazing unit)
Water-tightness class:
Class E1050
Class of air permeability:
Class 4
Resistance to wind load:
Class C2 - C4